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Metal Detecting for Gold Nuggets

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Finding gold nuggets with a metal detector can be quite challenging.This selection of books will help you understand your detector and lead to more success in the field. Learn all about nugget detecting from the experts!

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Advanced Prospecting & Detecting For Hardrock Gold

Advanced Prospecting & Detecting For Hardrock Gold The Relationship of Regional Geology to the Types of Placer Deposits (With Emphasis on Epithermal Deposits Forming Eluvial Placers and How to Metal Detect Them) by Jim Straight
Newly revised September 2010. This book is by one of the grand masters of metal detecting and is possibly the best book available on the use of metal detectors for hardrock prospecting. This revised version has over doubled in length from earlier versions from 45 pages to 117 pages. An entire new section on meteorites has been added and most of the photos and illustrations as now in color. The book is an invaluable resource for anyone interested in prospecting for gold and meteorties with a metal detector, especailly for those in the western United States. In addition to the great information on metal detecting the book is a good primer on basic prospecting geology. Many illustrations and color photos. 117 pages.  See Details

Finding Gold Nuggets II

Finding Gold Nuggets II by Jimmy "Sierra" Normandi
One of the best introductory books available on how to use a metal detector to find gold nuggets. How to choose a detector, tuning techniques, and field procedures are all included. The book emphasizes the use of the White's Goldmaster, but is applicable to any nugget hunting detector. Some information is also presented on the use of coin detectors for nugget hunting. Full of pictures and illustrations. 5.5" x 8.5" 78 pages.  See Details

The Nuggetshooter's Bible

The Nuggetshooter's Bible by Jim Straight
Originally titled Follow the Drywashers, Volume 3, this sixth edition limited edition is a nugget detecting classic. This book has just been reprinted in 8" x 11" format with waterproof plastic-coated covers and available in limited numbers. All copies are signed by the author. Jim is one of the "old pros" of nugget hunting. In this 277 page manual he covers nugget hunting in detail, with an emphasis on desert areas. Much of the information in this book is unique and not available in other books, including honest opinions on the many makes of detectors on the market. This book is highly recommended for the person serious about learning as much as possible about metal detecting for gold nuggets. Illustrated with maps and photos. 8" x 11" 277 pages.   See Details

Falling Stars

Falling Stars A Guide to Meteors & Meteorites by Mike D. Reynolds
A straightforward and practical guide to all aspects of meteors and meteorites. If you spend much time metal detecting for gold nuggets it is likely you will eventually find a meteorite. Meteorites can be more valuable than gold nuggets, so do not mistake one for a common "hot rock". This book will aid you in identifying meteorites and lists some of the known areas where meteorites have been found. Illustrated. 148 pages. 

Find Gold with a Metal Detector

Find Gold with a Metal Detector by Charles Garrett and Roy Lagal
Information on finding gold nuggets, veins, and ore with a metal detector. Also has information on gold panning. Emphasis is on the use of Garrett detectors, but is applicable to any nugget hunting detector. Many high-quality color photos. 140 pages.  

Find Gold Detecting & Panning

Find Gold Detecting & Panning by Charles Garrett
How to Find Gold Metal Detecting and Panning A handy pocket-guide that serves as a great introduction to prospecting using a metal detector or a gold pan. Photos help illustrate how to wet pan and dry pan for gold. Nugget hunting with a metal detector is covered with subjects such as what type of detector to use and where to find gold nuggets. Illustrated 3" x 5" 72 pages.  

Nuggetshooting Dryplacer Areas

Nuggetshooting Dryplacer Areas by Jim Straight
Although the books emphasis in on desert areas, the information contained here is in-depth and valuable to any nugget hunter. Even in non-desert areas, most detecting takes place on dry ground. This fifth edition was revised in 1997. Illustrated. 50 pages.  

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