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View Full Version : 2003 Bombardier Traxter Adventure

Steve Herschbach
02-15-2010, 04:22 PM

Before it was Can-Am, before it was BRP, it was Bombardier that came out with the new ATV line from the makers of Ski-Doo. Bombardier released a model called the Traxster that featured a unique strep through design. The unit was a real powerhouse at the time, and I finally broke down and got one in 2003. I had a metal detector/nugget hunting trip I wanted to make which could only happen if I had an ATV.

Here I am ready to off-load. I got a little single place Karavan tilt trailer that was perfect for the Traxster.


Here is a shot loaded up and ready to go. I got a hardshell Samsonite suitcase to hold my expensive Minelab metal detector and accessories and strapped on the back. Worked perfectly. Tools up front, and my rucksack on my back.


After I got to my friend's gold mine I loaded the Traxster up the next morning with my detecting gear and headed out to find some gold. And of course the weather promptly went south with mixed rain and snow.



The trip out was interesting. I had made a river crossing coming in, but the poor weather had brought the river up so high I chickened out on making the crossing. Luckily there was an alternate way out, but it meant going far overland and ending up about 15 miles up the road from where my truck was. The Traxster had already pr oven itself crossing rivers, swamps, and climbing hills. Now it was pedal to the metal. Wish I would have brought goggles along! The Traxster drives like a little truck, the weight and great suspension making the high speed run a pleasure, albeit a short one.

Oh yeah, what about the gold? 2.32 ounces of nice jewelry nuggets made this a trip worth making, but even without the gold my first real outing with my new Traxster was the kind of adventure ATVs are made for.