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View Full Version : 119 MPH on the AMDS 800R E-tec

02-23-2010, 11:04 AM
I had the opportunity to demo the 2011 800R E-tec MXZ this weekend, I was at Big Lake for the weekend to watch the start of the Iron Dog and cheer in the doo teams.

The weather was less then ideal, 40 degs and cloudy. Not the greatest snow either, the rain and warn temps took care of that. So I stuck to the lake and ans set out to beat the 112 MPH top speed staring at me on the multi function gauge.

The first thing you notice when you start this sled is how smooth the motor idles, there's no fluctuating RPMs, no high idle or blipping the throttle to keep it from dieing.

The next thing you notice it the throttle pull and response - there is no throttle pull resistance - well not compared to a carbed ski-doo. The throttle is so easy to press it seams as though it's not a cable system - but rather a electronic modulator. It took me some time to get used to the throttle pull, I kept lurching froward every time I tried to give it just a little gas. After 15 years on carbed doo's and 4 Irondog races I've developed and Arnold sized thumb.

Clutch engagement is smooth and consistent - no hesitation, no mid range bog, no climbing or fading RPMs - just a nice straight shift to 8200 RPM and it stays there, let of and hit the throttle again and the RPM's fully recover. Again - this seams more electronically controlled then mechanically controlled.

Acceleration, hold on, because this thing pulls hard. There's no hesitation, now over drive shift feeling, just steady acceleration and speed.

I wanted to get over the 120 MPH mark, but with the warm temps, soft snow and low windshield I just couldn't doo it. I considered stripping down to my long johns to get that aerodynamic advantage, but the thought of going 120 MPH in my underwear just didn't seem right.;)

I'm sure somebody will will click off that 120 MPH once this sled gets out of the break-in mode and the temps cool back down - just wish it would have been me.

02-23-2010, 11:32 AM
119 on a snowmachine!! I'm surprised you didn't get stripped to your long-handles anyway :D !
I gotta say... I think you're nuts.
I'm going out and crank up the elan. See if I can get it up to oh say.... 19 mph :)

02-23-2010, 04:17 PM
The really scary thing is it didn't seem that fast.