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View Full Version : Heath Frisby: My Arctic Man Experience

04-15-2011, 09:02 AM
by Heath Frisby

I spent a week in the wilds of Alaska at the Lollapalooza of snowmobiling, Arctic Man (http://www.arcticman.com/). Yeah, there’s a crazy race – at the bottom of a ski run, the snowmobiler picks up the skier, tows them to the top of the mountain and then slingshots them back down the hill.

But Arctic Man is way more than that. Read more to learn about the rest of my trip.

Even though I live in Idaho, I got my pro snowmobiling career started in Alaska. When I was 18, I trekked up there to go riding for a month. I’d hang out with other sledders and then go out riding across Alaska with them and film crews shooting videos like 2-Stroke Cold Smoke (http://www.frontierfilms.com/) and Slednecks. Some of my sponsorships came from those rides.

It was in Alaska that I became friends with Jay Quinlan and Nick Olzenak. Jay’s a legendary rider and Nick is one of the owners of Alaska Mining and Diving Supply (http://www.akmining.com/snow.htm) (AMDS), one of the biggest snowmobile dealers in the world (and a crazy rider, too). Because of their friendship, I’ve been up there many years since.

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