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View Full Version : Questions about newer model Detectors

04-19-2011, 09:22 PM
I have been reading and trying to understand the newer detectors .
Why are the machines like the Whites V3I and Minelabs E-Trac not used for looking for gold ?
As I am reading they have the multi frequency output in the range that is used by most Gold detectors , is it the software that the issue ? Or was it made this way to have more people buy the Gold detectors ?

I am asking as we are looking for another detector for my Son as he would like one , but he does not want to be tied to a machine that is tuned just for Gold.

The X-Terra 705 like I have can be setup for Prospecting or coin or relic hunting , but we are trying to understand the others and if they will work for gold or if he should just get a X-Terra 705 like mine.

Other than this I would just like to know the reason the other units work like they do and what they are really good for as the cost is high on these machines .

I have been detecting sense 1978 but I started with a brand that I do not even remember the name of , Then a Tindal Nautilus detector, and the Minelab is the first modern one that I have used , other than Older Tesoro's .
One of the main things are that I have never hunted just for gold , so I have a lot to learn on that end . This is why the questions as I still have a lot to learn about the newer type machines .


Steve Herschbach
04-19-2011, 09:58 PM
The E-Trac and V3i were first and foremost made to look for silver coins. A simplification but true. They are not a good choice for nugget detecting. OK but priced too high for what they can do on gold nuggets. An MXT or X-Terra 705 Gold would be a better choice. Single frequency VLF excels at gold compared to multi-fequency VLF.

There are the all metal dig it all PI units like the Minelab SD/GP detectors. Great depth, lousy discrimination. Or VLF units with OK depth and good discrimination. What you use depends where you are and your budget.

I would refer you to my reviews at http://www.akmining.com/forums/showthread.php/13-Latest-Nugget-Detector-Recommendations-for-Alaska

04-20-2011, 08:18 AM
Thanks Steve that is what I needed to know ! I think my X-Terra 705 and older Tesoro Diablo II are the best for us and our budget .
I will have him read this and your other right up and guide him towards the 705 as I do think that will be the best for now.
And when we get a chance to hunt for gold we will just have to learn what is what .