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View Full Version : Need beach hunting advice?

04-21-2011, 07:21 PM
Our GPAA chapter will be going to a creek in central Indiana in 2 weeks.It would appear the campground promotes swimming and canoe rentals . The creek is roughly 50 foot wide and up to 3 foot deep or less and a rocky bottom, not bedrock tho, and they own 1/2 mile of frontage. Where might I hunt for rings and stuff lost from people swimming or getting out of canoes? Will targets tend to be shallow? Should I use my beach scoop or my 1.5 inch dredge to recover targets, assuming I can anchor the dredge in the creek with a bag of rocks perhaps? We will be looking for glacial placer gold too. Should I use my Headhunter Diver detector? My MXT is not chest mountable altho my LoboST can be chest mounted but isn't waterproof. I will be wearing canvas chest waders and rubber boots and shoulder length gloves. Water will still be cold I would assume for early May.

-Tom,ps, how does one dig in gravel cobbles vs sand for goodies, if using a beach scoop?

04-23-2011, 07:18 AM
I have hunted the Rivers and Creeks of Mo. for quite a few years . And I have found all kinds of items in the river . I even found an outboard canoe motor !
At the shoals look for the eddy currents and this is where you will find most of the small items , like rings watches bracelets , things of this sort. Watch for logs half buried in the bottom of the river , things collect around them a lot .
Watch the beach's where people come to swim , you will find just as much as the ones who hunt the Ocean beach's .
When you find an item on the sand or gravel bar , look in a square as this is how it falls off the blankets that they are setting on.

As to what detector to take? How well can you balance in the creek , how fast is the water and how ruff is the bottom ?
If it was me I would take a water proof one as most items are setting just on the top of the bottom of the river as most things do not work very far down in the gravel , if it is sand then yes you will find things down in the sand. But I found that a scoop did not work to well in the creek or river as the rocks were just to hard to move , I took a small shovel but mostly used my hands to move rocks around as that was the best way for me.

I found it amazing how many things I found in the creeks and rivers , If you go after a big weekend you will find all kinds of things in the water as so many dump there canoe's in the river having things on that they do not need while floating the creek. And most do not even know how to use a canoe so they will dump the boat at least once .

04-24-2011, 02:11 PM
Thanks Steve,

It let me in now at 5pm Illinois time. Rocky, thanks for the reply. I was hoping Steve might offer his advice too. I only hunted a creek once before and found 1 single penny, but it was 1929 as I recall, and a mess of trash on the adjoining sandbar. I have heard of party islands in some local lakes where they pull up boats and have wild parties on sand bars. Has anybody hunted spots like this and how would one sort thru the trash to look for treasure? Maybe a sifter would be better than a detector at these areas? I will ask the campground owners where the canoes are taken out and where most folks go in for a swim and start there. Heck, it might be easier to dredge up the signals vs a shovel?

-Tom V.

Steve Herschbach
04-24-2011, 02:29 PM
Hi Tom,

I have never hunted creeks. I would personally be using a waterproof VLF detector like my new Garrett AT Pro for the job. That solves the trash issue. Your Headhunter PI will have you digging everything. You would want an indutrial strength scoop for digging in rocky material.

as far as what you can find it just depends what people are doing. Swimming and sporting activities cause jewelry loss.

04-24-2011, 02:58 PM
Headhunter Diver VLF unit so can disc some trash out. I also have my Garett AT Pro come to think of it. Will I need waterproof headphones, and how much are they?
I just got to thinking about other party areas like Lake Havasu, Arizona as well as this local lake in Indiana where the college kids from Perdue University go to have wild alcohol fueled parties on this particular sandbar/island from what I heard. Hmm, would the state own the lake or what in this case? Its a lake behind a public dam on a known river surrounded by private property.
I will check with our local gold club members who helped draft the Indiana gold hunting rules for Indiana waterways and see what they think? Maybe we could take a dredge to the island/sand bar,towed behind a boat, and use a basket at the end of the dredge to grab the trash and any goodies? Should the riffles be removed? We could even tell the DNR we will clean up the trash for free at these party places if they give us a place to get rid of it,no need to mention whats in it for us necessarily?
And depending on how often they party at a place like this, the goodies should renew themselves.
I will try the creek angle too.I know folks like to inner tube and canoe down certain creeks/rivers ,like I hear the Salt River in Arizona is a favorite for tubers,and they have to get in and out someplace and are apt to lose goodies in the process. Gold and silver rings weren't worth much at $400 an ounce last time I did stuff like this but at $1500 an ounce for gold and 45 for silver.......my head is starting to think...a friend of mine did well on soccer fields where the adults play and lose gold chains they wear round their necks...heck a car salesman once told me he had lost his gold neck chain playing soccer but would not rell me which field it was..I saw a YouTube video of guys diving down in swim holes at a local park I think it was and they were finding gold rings lodged in among rocks.Eyeballing could even work where detectors are not allowed,possibly.Another friend told me to look in baseball fields where adults play, for gold rings. No sooner did he tell me, than minutes later he detected a gold ring at a field like that.I guess the outfielders throw the ball so hard that their wedding bands sometimes fly off too? I did find a wedding band myself in a ball field some years ago but it was silver. I will have to try this angle again too.
Anybody else have tips on where to look for gold jewelry with a detector besides the usual spots?

More than 1 way to skin a cat looking for the yellow stuff, right?

Steve Herschbach
04-24-2011, 03:34 PM
OK, I thought you had the PI version. Just use the Diver since it already has waterproof headphones. Waterproof phones for the AT Pro are $89.95

04-24-2011, 03:54 PM
I ordered a set of AT Pro headphones off your website Steve, need to have a good waterproof backup detector along.Last time I took my Diver out, it would not work at all and cost me $80 for an unexpected tuneup from Detector Pro.I used to use my Lobo for water hunting ,chest mounted, but Tesoro got mad at me for sending it in 3 times cause it quit working.Somehow water got thru my plastic bag protecting the control box and damaged the circuit board. I am thinking it must have come up the cable into the back of the control box despite the silicone I had there. Thats why I acquired the Headhunter machine, I like the Headhunter/Lobo's modulated audio ,easier to id targets by sound and I hear the AT Pro can do this in Pro mode?
Well, its April showers down here ,just hope the creeks don't all flood where we will be at.