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View Full Version : Does using the pinpoint to de-tune affect ground balance?

04-23-2011, 11:06 PM
I know this is an odd question, and I should know the answer after all these years, but when I use the pinpoint button to de-tune a difficult target does it affect the ground balance or the coil's detecting width? It seems like it would reduce the coil's path since that is exactly what de-tuning is.

My current thinking is that after I use the pinpointer to de-tune a difficult target I just point the detector in the air and hit the pinpointer a couple times. Is this necessary, good, bad?

Does this affect the settings any? Since this machine (CZ-3D) uses the pinpoint button to ground balance (when not in auto-tune) it seems like it would have some effect on it. I do the same thing with my 1270.

Any input on the subject would be helpful and relieve my curiosity.

Steve Herschbach
04-24-2011, 12:35 PM
The only time pinpoint affects ground balance is if you are holding the pinpoint while adjusting the ground balance knob. But it is not the pinpoint button that is changing the ground balance, it is the ground balance control.

Autotune is not automatic ground balance. Autotune is an automatic threshold tuner. Like the SAT on a White's unit. So even in autotune it is the ground balance control that adjusts the ground balance.

Pinpoint is just a pure all metal mode. If you get in closer to the target and press pinpoint it is detuning the threshold to the target. Same thing as just turning a threshold control very low. It forces a larger signal to get a sound and so makes a target look smaller. When done pinpointing you just release the button. All that matter when you pinpoint is where the coil is when you push the button. If away from the target pinpoint will be more sensitive. If halfway over the target you get the retune effect.

Funny how people use different methods. I always use the "bobbing" method to ground balance and almost never use a pinpoint button. Nothing wrong with either just different ways of getting the same thing done.

04-24-2011, 05:04 PM
I do use what the 3D calls "autotune" (just an all metal position on the knob, it doesn't actually auto tune) for a manual ground balance with the bobbing method, then switch it to iron discrimination. If the ground is pretty clean I sometimes just use the pinpoint button and knob to balance. I mostly hunt parks, campgrounds and playgrounds.

I guess my main concern is when I am deliberately "detuning" to fine point a target by pressing and releasing the pinpoint button repeatedly as I get closer to the center of the target, and therefore make the target smaller and smaller in appearance, that I am making the machine less sensitive to targets afterward.

I do this with targets that just won't hit solid with the standard X pattern. I wondered if I didn't hit the pinpointer again in neutral territory after I finished that the machine will still be somewhat "de-tuned" to that item. It always seemed less sensitive after I did this so I just got into the habit of lifting the coil off the ground, giving the pinpointer a poke and going on my way.