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View Full Version : Whites MXT PRO seeking advice for coin hunting

04-29-2011, 09:51 AM
I am new to metal detecting and prospecting and picked up a New MXT PRO from AMDS back in Dec. It has finally thawed out enough to go and have some fun. I have been out to several parks and set my machine to coin/jewelry mode and set the descrimination to the recommended settings. As I scan the numbers bounce around quite a lot. Is this normal? I found some neutral ground and put a gold/platinum ring down and the numbers are inconsistant varying from 20 to 35 while scanning over the same target. Is this normal or should I set it differently ? I am concerned that I have missed targets because I will see several responses for a target varying from foil to coins and not digging for foil. Sometimes the target will register then disappear when I go back over it ? I am trying to figure out a reason for this. Am I doing something wrong ? I have changed the discrimination to see it that changes but it still bounces around quite a bit. I have had tons of fun playing with it and have found over thirty coins on a couple outings which were strong signals. I have found all kinds of things from dog tags to nails, and even a small silver ring ! What fun !! Thanks for any advice !!!

Steve Herschbach
04-29-2011, 10:35 AM
Yup, numbers bounce around on target id machines, including the MXT. Especially weak targets. When you sweep the target you never swing excactly the same way so the target varies depending on the sweep speed, angle of the coil, and how well centered you are over the target. What you do is watch the numbers and mentally average them. When in doubt, dig it out!

Detectors with few target id segments are less jumpy as targets get lumped together in fewer categories. Units like the MXT with 200 possible target id's jump around more.

Reno Chris
04-29-2011, 10:41 AM

First, the disc number jumps around a lot when you are not centered over the target. To get a worthwhile reading you need to have your coil centered right over the target. If the tip of your coil goes over the target then the center of the coil goes over on the next swing you will get different readings.

As far as disappearing targets, if you are in tracking mode and you hang your coil too much over the target, the machine will think the target is the proper ground setting and adjust the machine until you cant see it. Then you swing over it and its gone. You move your coil off away from the target, look at your settings and scratch your head thinking "whats wrong with this silly machine?" (in that short time the machine has again re-balanced itself on the soil away from the target) You swing over it again and magically it re-appears!

Then you wrap your detector around a tree, go home and watch "Alaska Gold Rush" on TV. :D (just kidding)

Every detector takes a while to get used to. I have a web page on using the MXT which I think you might find useful. See:

04-29-2011, 01:25 PM
Thank you for the responses ! That makes sense to me now. I was thinking that there were more than one target making different replies. It makes sense to me now that the signals would be at different strengths depending on the orientation to the coil. It is extremely helpful to have the insight from experienced users ! thanks a ton. I looked at your website Reno, that is a great breakdown on the machine. I will take a closer look at it and make some adjustments to how I can understand what the MXT is telling me from that info. Very helpful ! :cool:

04-29-2011, 02:05 PM
Now you need to buy the book "The MXT Edge" by Jeff Foster. When using your MXT and you get a question about if you are doing something wrong or if the machine has gone screwy, change your frame of mind to "now what is the MXT trying to tell me?" Study what you are doing and what the MXT is doing and you will soon learn how to use it to its best abilities. Steve told me once that it take around 100 hours to learn a particular metal detector and I spent the next 100 hours proving him right. You bought one of the machines that all other machines compare themselves to.

Barney 11
04-30-2011, 09:48 AM
You want to be sure that you have a solid ground balance---might be part of the problem. You didn't mention ground balancing--lol----just a thought. Don

04-30-2011, 12:14 PM
I picked up a copy of the MTX Edge at AMDS and after reading up a bit I see there is an amazing number of features this machine has to offer. I was told it is a good grab and go machine which it is, but its a hellofalot more than that. I can see that I need to make a practice area with various targets in a controlled setting to get to know this unit and features. Thanks for all the help and ideas fellas ! If any of you are interested in getting out in the Anch area for some fun let me know. Thanks Mike