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View Full Version : meteorite hunter from poland with GoldByg DP (pro) with problem

05-26-2011, 09:56 AM
Dear Guys
I m writing to you from Poland. I have just started my adventure with meteor hunting. I bought GoldBug Pro for this purpose.
And this is my problem. To check this detector I bought 2 pieces of meteors. One Canyon Diablo which is 2,5 grams. There is no problem with detection.
Another one is Travis County - 4 grams. And there my problem starts. This detector do not see this one at all. What is the reason? Maybe this piece is to small? This is H4 type with 20% of Fe-Ni by mass so in this piece there is 0,8 g of Fe-Ni

To be honest there is small reaction when gnd bal is much smaller number than gnd phase. But when I put coil to ground there in no way to work with this sets, detector is very loud and this is requested to move coil parallel to surface.

What shall I do to detect chondrites with this detector. What sets would be good and what sizes of chondrites I m able to detect. At least these meteors are magnetic hot rocks which should be detected by this detector. I is it possible at all?

I would appreciate any tips.
BR Jaro

05-27-2011, 03:59 PM
The following web sites might offer you some leads that might produce an answer for you:



05-28-2011, 12:54 AM
THX rogmey
I have already gone through these sites and much more.
I saw my detector but no clues hot to adjust it and what is smallest stone meteor I can find with my detector. I send an emial to them but still no answer.
BR Jaro

Steve Herschbach
05-28-2011, 04:56 AM
There are no magic tuning tricks - the GB Pro is fairly basic. In all metal mode ground balance and set gain as high as will allow for stable operation. The detector will no doubt find meteorites but there will be some that it will not. If the meteorite in question responds near the ground balance setting it will tend to not be detected. If you purposefully offset the ground balance you will probably now detect the meteorite in question but now the ground itself will signal.

The larger coil is not helping. The Gold Bug Pro is hotter with the small coil.

05-28-2011, 05:57 AM
Dear Steve Herschbach

I realize that this is beginner – intermediate meteorite hunter equipment (according to meteorite men – link provided by “rogmey” and this is why I bought is. F-75 is state of art but price was to high for me on this level. But when I was not able to detect this tinny piece of meteorite sample I was demolished (550 USD went to mud )

Yesterday I found magnetic rock.. In fact this was slag from the furnace and I had response with no offset in ground balance. All metal and biggest gain set. There was no indication on display, but characteristic sound occur. So I can see it can detect rocks with iron. The same is meteorite.

So question is a little bit different now. How big must be meteorite (in function if its type) to be detected with this equipment I have (big coil). To make it simple lets take type H5-H4 on ground surface. Any idea?

When I purposefully offset the ground balance this is more sensitive but as you mentioned, the ground itself will signal when you approach to surface.