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View Full Version : Purple Quartz

06-13-2011, 02:53 PM
Anyway, I was brainstorming after reading Chris Ralph's gold book, well, actually just the 1st 50 pages so far...excellent read by the way...did find one typo on page 42,1st column, 1st paragraph, says something about..." shouting down the dredge to stop all water flow" I believe that should read shutting down... I was also gonna look up some topics and flipped to the back of the book for the Index.... hmmmm....where is the Index?
Uh oh, page 62, spelling error, 1/2 way down, 2nd column, " Larger gold pieces will tend to move downward thorough the material....." I think Chris means through ?
Hmm, maybe I should just note the Spelling errors and such later ...P66,1st column, 3/4 way down, " steam or drainage" I think he means stream ?

My brainstorm was this recollection of an Arizona gold hunting adventure a few years back. I was someplace north of Phoenix on some GPAA claims near the ghost town of Gillette.I believe they processed gold ore here from the mine at Tipton . As with most GPAA claims I have been on , there was next to no gold on these claims. I got a few flakes with my dowsing rods then gave up.

So, I wandered the hills on foot, found an old frontier fort? on top of a small plateau ,with stone walls like 2 feet high and 2 feet thick. I also detected some rusty cans and crap near some diggings which appeared to be like dugouts that some old miners may have slept in. They were about 5 feet long and 3 feet deep, carved out of solid bedrock. Near these diggings, I found several large ridge shaped outcroppings of purplish/blackish looking quartz ,not really crystals but long fingers , but not solid blocks either. Some of it had been blasted looked like.

I got to thinking just now, that we are always told to look for rusty quartz especially ,for gold, and purplish quartz is supposedly the best for AU? I am thinking I should have brought home some samples to get assayed? I know about where the spot is, would give me a good excuse to visit the folks later this year.Too hot right now. What do you guys think? Is Purplish quartz a good thing for gold?? Would I be able to see with a loupe if gold was present? Heck, I do own 2 small hand operated rock crushers now.I could crush and pan out samples come to think of it which I could not do back then.

-Tom V.

Reno Chris
06-13-2011, 09:42 PM
Tom -

Yep the book is 225,000+ words long and there are some typos. A number of folks read the rough draft and some mistakes just slipped through. All of that first printing is sold, and I just got back the second printing from the printer. I did take out most of them, but 2 of the 3 you pointed out are still in the second edition. A number of typos you didn't see in the first 50 pages were removed. I wrote the ones you pointed out down - so I can remove them from the third printing.

About purple quartz: See page 80 - FAQ question #7. Could your purple quartz have gold? sure, but there is no guarantee. Crush some up and see what you get. Take a look at the gold-quartz specimen on page 90. All white, pure quartz and gold - no iron, no rust, no purple, no red - just white quartz and gold. So is purple quartz the place to find gold? Maybe, but not always.


06-14-2011, 08:25 PM
Is there a reason why the book has no Index Chris?

-Tom V.

Reno Chris
06-15-2011, 01:14 PM
Mostly because its darn long already. Printers charge by the page for what you print. The longer the book is the more it costs. Its already 368 pages long and costs $29.95, and took me nearly 10 years to compile and write. When I got to the end of the project, I really, really just wanted to get it done and out the door - so an index was a low priority thing. The typos go hand in hand with that - I could have sat on it for another several months and eliminated a bunch more typos - but just calling it done was so darn tempting. It does have a fairly detailed table of contents which partly makes up for no index.

My plan is that with the third printing (just got the second delivered so it will be a couple years) - I was planning to add more info and up date it. Maybe I'll add a couple page index as a part of the upgrade project for the 3rd printing.

The other problem with an index is that unless its really long and detailed, I often find I look in it and don't find what I originally was looking for even though I know its somewhere in the book. Have you ever seen an exhaustive index for the bible? (also called a concordance) - they are as long as the bible itself or even longer!

Let me offer you something better. After 10 years of writing, editing and typesetting, I know that book pretty well! If you are looking for something in it - just ask on the forum. I'm sort of an index in tennis shoes. ;)

Jim Hemmingway
06-16-2011, 12:46 PM
Yes Tom, there are a number of typos that need correction and if Chris decides he could use some help with that task for later editions he need only give me a shout. Those typos would never have escaped my attention. That aside, I found this book an excellent read, it’s the content that captured my interest…I could hardly put it down and personally I could care less about typos.

Chris knows his stuff eight ways to Sunday and this is quite evident with each section throughout the book. Frankly, I’d like to get him over here to Ontario someday to benefit from his mineral knowledge and enjoy the companionship of a true kindred spirit. Thanks again Chris for a grand piece of work, I will always treasure it…


06-16-2011, 08:08 PM
I may take you up on that Chris? I didn't know it was a 10 year project? Thanks for sticking with it for us readers.
I really have no idea how authors create indexes? Must take a long time, I really dunno. Half the time, I can't find my topic in the index anyway. I still have yet to read my Bible all the way thru,maybe I better start .My grandma used to do that every year. I never even knew what a Concordance was in Bible speak, until you just pointed it out,shame on me..I should have learned a bit more from 20 years of Sunday school you would think?


06-16-2011, 08:17 PM
Heck, I need to know about UV lights and gold and gem hunting? I bought an expensive UV 12 volt light a few years ago and its been about useless for night time prospecting for glowing pebbles. Before I spend another $140 bucks on a 385 Nm UV flashlight that uses D cells and is 16 inches long, with 150 Leds, and supposedly 20 foot range, maybe you could shed a word or 2 of your wisdom on this topic or point me to the pages in the book?
Thanks., ps, still looking for placer diamonds ...


Reno Chris
06-17-2011, 08:03 AM
Placer diamonds are covered on page 348.

UV wont find gold nuggets - gold does not fluoresce. UV is not talked about much in the book because its not really much used in prospecting for gold and silver.

Some minerals fluoresce - Tungsten and Uranium are common ones. UV is used a lot searching for these.
A very few diamonds fluoresce strongly - most only very weakly or not at all.

As far as the 10 years - it not like I worked on it every day and night, I would work on it for a couple months, put it down for a couple months, pick it back up, etc. But it does have a whole lot of my time in it.

As far as the bible, I wasn't really trying to get into detail on that, merely pointing out that a detailed index can be as long as the book itself.

Jim - thanks for the kind words - the second printing really does have most of the typos eliminated. If I ever do make it to Ontario, I will contact you. No plans, but who knows? I hope to do a lot more traveling in the coming years.

06-18-2011, 07:24 AM
Chis, I would like to thank you for taking the time to write the book! I got my copy when you first posted it was ready on Lenord's forum and am sure glad I did. I knew what a rock was, just a rock. But I wanted to know more! After reading it over and over(mind is kinda slow to absorb LOL) . Lot of info for the new prospector. I hunt and fish alot, before I started prospecting I looked ahead for game in the trees, now I'm looking down most of the time. Come back to camp with rocks instead of deer or elk. Could not be happier, don't have to gut em!!