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View Full Version : ganes ck. week 7

08-07-2011, 04:42 PM
i will try to give a small report on ganes. i didnt take a picture of the total board so i dont remember all the wieghts. we ended up with just about 130z total with a few nice nuggets. a 2.65 and a 2.04 and 4or5 over 1oz. and some smaller ones. maybe someone else can be more close. it was total rain some hail and windy. ganes ck was at flood stage and the water crossings were deep. 2 trucks tried to cross ganes but got swamped and had to have the buldozer come pull them out. other than that it was slow finding anything. i got a total O but i did find lots of nails and metal and 1 nice 22bullet. next time will be better. we watched a clean up from the mine operation and saw lots of gold there. made new friends and still had a good time. john

08-08-2011, 07:07 PM
Thanks for the Week 7 update info and sorry that you didn't do better. Ganes Creek is always an enjoyable adventure
and like you implied, the experience is more valuable than the gold that is found,... although at today's high of $1725 an ounce, it almost hurts to say that! LOL.