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View Full Version : To dig, or not to dig?...that is the question

Derek W
09-07-2011, 09:07 PM
isn't it? After being in the field for hours upon hours digging up 99.72% trash I seek a better approach.

The detector I use does not have a digital display, first and foremost. However I do enjoy the simplicity of the detector I own. After digging up so many targets that end up being trash I ask myself, "should I dig this target?" I should tell you all that more than half of the time that I dig a target I know what it's going to be, but again who really knows until you dig the blessed thing up, right? Wrong? Don't know?

It's time to seek out a detector that will offer me more information before I start digging. Love the one I own, It has it's place in the gold fields for sure, but how about old mining camps and places with tons of trash targets. I'm looking closer at the pulse induction units with a display..

OK...why did I initially buy a detector without a display? Simple. I wanted to find metal targets and dig them up. Why do I want some type of digital display on my next detector? To help me identify targets before I start digging.

My main question that I'd like to ask those who know is; is your detecting experience a better one because of a visual display on your metal detector or is it just more of a pain in the...hhhhmhhmm..head from trying to decipher what it's telling you?

09-08-2011, 01:03 PM
Don't know what detector you have, I have a Eureka Gold. Have used it to hunt parks and creeks. Like you said it takes a bit of getting used to the sounds different signals make, I dig everything. Never know what is there. Some coins will give you a Iron signal. Hey, what if there is a lot of gold or coiins buried in a metal box?
Just bought a WOT coil for mine, man it opens up new possibilities in already dug areas.

My wife has an xTerra 705 with read out.. We still dig everything.