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View Full Version : Garrett Ace 250- Finding Gold Nuggets???

10-19-2011, 03:40 PM
Hello Everyone,
I am totally new to this site, and metal detecting. But metal detecting is something i have always wanted to do. And i am extremely keen to spend a lot of hours doing it.

Anyway i didn't have a lot of money to get started and after reading a lot of reviews i decided to buy the Garrett Ace 250.

It had a low enough frequency for finding gold nuggets so i decided to buy it, ...then I read a lot more reviews and I realised then it was mainly only good for finding coins, which in one way is o.k because i live In the Sunshine Coast of Australia right beside very populated tourist beaches, so i guess i'll find coins.

But i dont want to find coins, i want to find gold nuggets, The old goldfields are only an hours drive. So i'm located in a good spot for finding coins and gold.

Alot of people say they have found gold jewellery with the 250, but a lot of people say it cant find nuggets, I fail to see the difference Gold is Gold.

So my question is how can i improve my chances of finding Nuggets with the 250.

Thank you.

Steve Herschbach
10-19-2011, 05:42 PM
You can find nuggets with an Ace 250.

Any detector can find gold. It is all about how large the gold is, and how deep it is. The larger the nugget is, the easier it is to detect. And the shallower it is, the easier it is to detect.

The Ace 250 will not find gold as deep as a good nugget detector, nor will it find gold as small as a good nugget detector. So how small and how deep?

The final answer to that involves the ground. You do not find things in the air, you find them buried. The ground can have mineral iron in it, or salt, or both. The more you get of either mineral iron or salt or both the harder it is to detect a buried object.

So use gold items, or if you have no gold, use pieces of lead or aluminum, which are decent substitutes. I like lead since you can easily make nugget like shapes just by taking a fishing weight and beating it up a bit. Now go out and bury it and see how the detector does. The trick, again, is real world results in your ground. Specifically in the area where you intend to hunt for gold, so take your test samples with you.

You will find that coin size nuggets can be found at coin type depths, in other words, inches.

There is almost nothing you can do to make the Ace 250 better at gold other than get the small coil, which is less affected by the ground and hits a bit better on small nuggets.

Now here is reality. Most areas have been heavily detected by many people with better detectors. My $5000 detector is going to find gold much deeper and smaller than the Ace. So if you go over the same ground as I and the 99 other that were there before you your chances are small indeed. What you have to do is find that one spot where a coil has never been where a small coin size or larger gold nugget is within inches of the surface. Maybe way back under that bush. Or roll those big rocks or that log and detect where they were. Or just get away and hope to get over a nugget. Large nuggets have been found on the surface or close to it in Australia so you never know. It could happen.

So that is me being as positive as I can be. The analogy I will use is you and I are going fishing. I have the new rod and reel, proper test line, good lure, and I have been fishing for years. You are going fishing for the first time. You cut a nice length of branch from a tree with tough, flexible wood. You have some very good string, and a hook made from a large safety pin. You do not have a reel so you will just have to toss the line out as far as you can. Now I promise you you can catch fish doing this. You are just going to have to be extremely patient, very careful, and fish long and hard to land the fish. And unless you are one lucky guy you are never going to catch as many fish as me.

Some nice nuggets have been found with the Ace, including one at Ganes Creek, Alaska. http://www.garrett.com/hobbysite/prospecting_gallery_001.aspx

10-19-2011, 11:58 PM
Thanks Steve,
Thats been really helpful and relieving information, At least i know i have a chance now. As it happens my brother in law found a nugget about half an inch long with the Minelab GPX4500, Hopefully he will let me run a few tests on it. As my metal detector doesn't arrive until next week.

I'm all for going into the bushy areas along the old river banks, where only a nut would go, mainly due to the amount of deadly snakes.

Probably best i dont find a big Nugget to deep anyway, My 5 year old son will get fed up digging. he'd probably be more happy if we dug up a Hot wheels car.

Thanks again.