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View Full Version : Advanced Nugget Hunting with the Fisher Gold Bug Metal Detector

Steve Herschbach
10-22-2011, 04:07 PM
by Pieter Heydelaar and David Johnson

This out-of-print book was one of the early volumes about metal detecting for gold. Part 2 by David Johnson is still the best read on hot rocks I have seen. Dave was the lead engineer behind the Gold Bug and many other nugget detectors. I tripped over a pdf of the book at fisherlab.com so download it and check it out.


10-22-2011, 08:01 PM
I wish i had read that years ago! ha ha my father in law let me use his gold bug and found some gold with it but had no real idea how to use it. I coulda started this detector passion a long time ago, but they didn't take my dredging from me just yet. I did step on a yellow jacket nest and dang near died trying to get out of the canyon i was in with only one leg working! I called it quits after that! Nice read though steve thanks.

10-27-2011, 03:57 PM
Thank you for that Steve, nice find. I used the Fisher Gold Bug(GB) in Australia in 1989 and 1990 about the same time as Bob 'Montana' Dansie was there using one. I found my very first, about 1 gram, nugget with a GB in 1989 at Inglewood, Victoria, and my biggest GB nugget was close to 1 ounce at WA in 1990. Also in 1990 I had Compass Gold Scanner and found about 12 oz in a reef(vein) in bedrock that I hand chiseled out.

In 1993 Jim Straight gave me Pieter Heydelaar's FT-16000 that he had from Minelab and I returned it to Minelab for them when I went to Australia that year.

Anyway the original GB was good but I can't say it was ground breaking(I did not take advantage of its small gold finding ability very much with the smaller coils by going slow, as maybe part of the problem is I used the elliptical 14" coil going faster than I should have to cover more ground) and I did just as well or better with a GT-16000 and the Compass.

But I was using detectors a long time before 1989 with my new Bounty Hunter III BFO in about 1973 that I found no good finds with and then a Compass Judge I Automatic TR in 1975-6 that I did well with for coins.