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View Full Version : Warning: Cheap Chinese Copper Tubing

11-12-2011, 11:59 AM
I went to plumb an oil furnace for my house and needed a ten-foot coil of 3/8" soft copper tubing to carry the fuel from a 300-gal tank to where it connects to buried underground iron fuel pipes. A short stub of galvanized iron pipe protruded up out of the ground, which had a standard flare fitting. A trip to the hardware store netted the necessary 3/8" tubing, and I was soon at work flaring the ends. As I gently bent one end to form a curve the tubing suddenly kinked and collapsed! What the ^%)*...hell??? I cut the collapsed end off and looked at the tubing: wow, is this stuff THIN-WALLED, or what!....like maybe .015"!!! I looked at some old random short pieces I had laying in my junk pile, and they were all like 3X as thick. Then I looked at the box this new tubing came in: "Made in *CHINA*".
I took the new tubing and folded it up into a ball and onto my scrap copper pile it went...because that's all it's good for. Then a trip to another hardware store where they had real, genuine "Made in U.S.A." tubing....and thank God: it was thick-walled...the good stuff.
Don't buy CHINESE tubing!!!


11-12-2011, 02:13 PM
Thanks for the warning! Anyone considering building a dredge hot water system with a coil should avoid copper tube made in China also!


11-24-2011, 01:48 AM
there have always been different designations for pipe wall thickness, common house plumbing is type M, type L is really thick, and type K (also thick) is what soft copper tubing in rolls generally is

05-06-2012, 10:21 AM
Only related to the topic because its about copper...

A couple of days ago I needed to repair the main gate where I work at Consteel Concrete in Wasilla I went to grab my big Lincoln diesel welder with the loader and realized the welding leads were gone!

Sometime recently they were completely ripped off, almost 200' of 3/0 copper core cables gone, will cost me $1600 to replace them

I put an ad in Craigslist about info and a reward and immediately got calls from other busineses that were also hit by copper thieves.

These 'copperheads" are hitting anything with copper, just a heads up. I know the recyclers have to see photo ID by law now so if you don't have any video cameras get one set up, I am installing a setup that will alert me to my smartphone if it detects anything night or day.