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View Full Version : AMDS Rocks!!

12-05-2011, 02:03 PM
Ordered a Whites MXT Pro on a Monday, showed up at my house on Wednesday. Great service Steve! One other question though, I am going to Ganes creek in July the week after you(Leave me a little Ha- Ha) Would I be wise to bring a second detector or just a second coil or just the MXT Pro with the coil that came with? and if so which extra coil would you recommend?
Thanks, EZDAVE

Steve Herschbach
12-05-2011, 02:49 PM
What is the trip worth to you?

Detectors are very reliable, coils less so. I usually do not worry about it much. Unless I am going to Hawaii for two weeks. Or Ganes Creek. Or anywhere else where a high cost week or two is involved. My very first trip to Hawaii to do some serious surf detecting for two weeks, the detector flooded after an hour. Never again for me.

I can't imagine being at Ganes for two weeks, having my detector die the second day, and having to rely on whatever loaner might be available in the group for the rest of my trip. So I always go with two detectors, both of which will be able to fully do the job. I am there loaded and ready to hunt bear - I'm not falling back on a pop gun for my backup weapon. Whether you take the other detector depends on what it is.

A backup coil at least. Best backup for the MXT 12" coil is a 12" coil. Next best is the 9.5" coil. I know some people who prefer the 950. And by the way, I have seen a number of early 12" coil failures. I am not sure what the track record is on newer production.

Good luck at Ganes!