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View Full Version : Ski-Doo U: Getting Unstuck

03-02-2012, 07:11 AM
by Rob Hoff, Summit Freeride ambassador If you’re riding in the mountains, you’re going to get stuck no matter how great your sled or riding skills. In this video, I show you the easiest ways to get unstuck. Even … Read more (http://mountainblog.ski-doo.com/ski-doo-u-getting-unstuck/)

03-21-2012, 11:12 PM
Great tips and technics.

I always have wonder why people feel they need to pull the shovel out and dig ot try lifting the sled out when there are much easier ways to get unstuck.

I've been stuck many times, luckily I've learned that I don't have to dig or break my back to get unstuck - even in deep snow. Sometime all it takes it a tug on a ski and you're free. Other times it requires you to kick the snow out from under the front of the tunnel and around the running boards. I've walked out a few feet in front of the sled to give myself a "runway". All it takes it some traction, momentum and throttle.

Here's a video I caught of myself getting a Freeride unstuck on an incline. All I had to do was get the running boards free and some snow from out of the front end. I rocked the sled back and forth and it climbed right out.

Sometimes you can lift up on one ski tip rolling the sled to one side, then fill the hole in with snow and stomp it down, then roll the sled back onto the compacted snow and you've got traction.

03-21-2012, 11:43 PM
Other times you may be buried in what seems an impossible spot to get out of. But you're really just high centered on you bulkhead and running boards. Just stomp out under the running boards and in front of the sled. Get another sledder to ride past and in front of you so you have a track to get out on, and a tug on a ski helps. Gas it, rock it and you'll climb right out. :D