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View Full Version : 2013 Ski-Doo Summit XM FIRST ride!

Nick Olzenak
03-05-2012, 12:05 PM
I finally got a chance to get my legs on the 2013 Ski Doo Summit X 154 (XM)..

I was thinking I should write all about my experience, the pros, the cons, the in betweens and lima beans. After riding it and thinking about it for about three seconds I come to only one conclusion and I quote "its like cheating" as Heath Frisby put it after he tried it out the day before I did. I can't even begin to describe what this sled is capable of, its like I have died and gone to heaven. I have built dozens of sleds over the years and spent thousands of dollars trying to build what this thing is right out of the box. Here is the deal, get your butt on one, or don't, but do NOT miss out on the oportunity to buy one this spring. The best part, only $100 more than last years Summit X.

Heres a little fun from Saturday.


03-10-2012, 09:46 AM
Okay, I'll bite. Are you going to say a little more about the cheating?
Nice footage. Thanks

Nick Olzenak
03-10-2012, 07:30 PM
Riding the Summit XM is like cheating because the energy required to make the sled do what you want it to is almost eliminated. The initial muscle that you would normally use to get a sled to lay over on its side to carve in the snow is virtually not needed with the XM. You really just have to look in the direction your wanting to carve, lean your shoulder and the rest just happens. The TMotion suspension and flex track start the inertia of the turn without the energy from the rider. It is literally a game changer for the snowmobile community. On day two just a few days after I shot the above video I really got to experience the XM in all of its glory in an area that had been untouched all season with over 30 feet of snow this year. Needless to say face shots on the XM all day long were a welcome feeling. Being able to make powder turns up, or downhill in the trees in snow that I would normally just be trying to stay unstuck was amazing. Even more so is that it is so easy to ride that you don't have to pick your line or turn until the last moment because it turns on a dime with virtually no effort!

Cheating, Game Changer, Revolutionary. Don't "wait for the bugs to get worked out before I buy" the bugs are gone, this thing is a grand slam in the world series. The end!

03-10-2012, 09:02 PM
OK - you had me at "hello". The worst thing about the XM is I have to wait until NEXT year to own one. Been waiting and waiting for this sled. I like you Nick have been trying for years to build the ultimate mountain/powder sled, It'll be nice to have the best handling, most power to weight ratio sled STOCK. The only "mods" I'll be doing are to my own chassis - gonna have to hit the gym so I can ride every day again.