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View Full Version : Whites TDI Pro or the TDI SL?

03-26-2012, 12:12 AM
I am interested in adding a PI MD to my collection, I have seen rave reviews of the TDI SL though it isn't the top of the line PI that Whites sells, is it just because they have made it simpler to use with trade offs in performance against the TDI Pro?
Unless I am reading hype the TDI Pro if adjusted properly reaches very very deep and quite literally nips at the heels of another PI brand name costing a lot more.

I did consider the Garret Infinium but it doesn't have the depth of the TDI Pro from what I gather though it being waterproof is a BIG advantage. I am totally sold on Whites so far thus why I am looking at the TDI instead of other brands.

Steve Herschbach
03-26-2012, 05:44 PM

The TDI and Infinium are fairly comparable for performance. I much prefer the TDI tones and extra control plus larger number of coil options. The larger coils do give the TDI an unfair advantage as the Infinium has no real options in that department. But you want waterproof, get an Infinium.

The TDI Pro and SL really boils down to a performance thing. If you want that extra edge, especially in more mineralized ground, get the TDI Pro. If you want an easier to operate unit in an arm friendly package go SL. The TDI pro comes with a pair of Lithium-Ion batteries that give you far more battery life than the smaller NiMH battery supplied with the TDI SL. The SL is far lighter on the arm, but the TDI Pro comes set up for hip or chest mounting if desired, largely negating that advantage. The TDI Pro has both coarse and fine ground balancing whereas the TDI SL has a very touchy single turn ground balance control.

Here is my personal take. The Infinium and TDI do not nip at the heels of $5000 plus PI units. They are more like a quarter lap back. The performance differences vary with the ground conditions and target sizes. In low mineral ground the differences are less pronounced, but as ground conditions get worse the more expensive detectors pull father and farther ahead. So as a user of one of the big guns, comparing Infiniums and TDI versions is very much a splitting hairs sort of affair. I sold my original TDI first generation model and am getting a new TDI SL this spring. Like any day now. I like how well behaved it is, and how easy it is on my arm. For lack of a better term it is my "urban PI detector". I will use it for any PI detecting needs I have (sand lots, beaches) that do not involve getting underwater and not including hardcore nugget detecting. I am not saying it is not a capable nugget detector, it is just that I have that $5000 unit for that purpose. If not for that the TDI would be my second choice.

The Infinium is a water unit for my purposes. If White's declines to make an underwater TDI by the next time I head for a warm saltwater beach I will be taking an Infinium instead.

I may as well get the SL as I do want to modify it for a chestmount option and want to post pictures on how to do that. It does not really need it from a weight standpoint but it would really help make it a better wading machine.

03-26-2012, 06:14 PM
Thanks Steve, generally the nuggethunters seem to prefer the SL I see on other forums as well. Are they in stock in your store yet? And if so do you have a special or package deal like you have with others?

Steve Herschbach
03-26-2012, 09:04 PM
Sorry, but the answers to those questions probably cross the line with White's. Contact you local dealer!

03-27-2012, 01:07 AM
I had to read again the Whites policies and also why your website does not show the individual models. Arguably the TDI Pro has some caveats but still falls short of the top rated GPX 5000. I'm backing up a bit here as such from the beginning as I have mentioned I have a goal of visiting Australia, they do use the GMT of which I already have, some are just starting to evaluate the TDI Pro but in all due respect the GPX 5000 is by far the machine that gets the job done in the Golden Triangle.

I appreciate all the advice and I wish Whites had a super duper PI in the works to compete with the GPX 5000, but they do not so for now I am again back at square one and it appears the GPX 5000 will be on my shopping list, I could use the TDI Pro in Oz with success but the success ratio improves with the other brand by a large margin. I do have to admit the package deal you have on the GPX 5000 is astounding.

As Arnie says, "I'll be back"

Steve Herschbach
03-27-2012, 05:45 AM
When I went to Australia last year it was a trip of a lifetime, so I did not consider one second going with anything but the best.

03-27-2012, 09:19 PM
They remember you quite fondly as I am seeing on some dedicated forums of prospecting downunder. If it wasn't for the biters and mozzies and the terrible heat I would have gone there many years ago, well I probably still will, 6 months of Alaska winter just wears me out because I am seasonally laid off every year, I could drive a plow truck but I want to have some adventure.