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View Full Version : Want to move from 550 fan to 4 stroke, but how are you guys starting them in -30

04-05-2012, 06:31 PM
Ok, like my exp. sport 550 fan long track, but, I haul alot of stuff with it and need something with more power and floatation...

My buddy has the skandic LT/WT with a, err, 800 in it I think...he said he had a honda generator that he used to start it with a heat gun in the bush, which is where I'm at...

so, ideas for starting it way out in the bush in under -30 weather? I ride mine 7 months out of the year to work....soooo, it's a must easy start for me, quickly, to get to work...

I've heard there are auto starts on the machine now that start it up when the block gets too cold, oh every couple hours...then i've heard some guys use the small honda generators for the heat guns...why not a small honda generator plugged into a battery charger and/or a block heater?

Any good ideas that have worked for the bush trips?

Oh, and what is the difference between the 600 and the 800 as far as power, weight, etc?

04-06-2012, 12:02 PM
They make an inline coolant heater, the trouble is you have to remove the engine to install it. I use the 1000W Honda to power it. I also have a battery pad warmer that I can plug in to the generator as well. If it is really cold the exhaust from the generator works well as a heat source. I throw a canvas tarp over the machine and aim the exhaust under the tarp. I have SWT with the 800. The weight and size of the generator are negligible when going on longer trips. Plus I like having something that can charge the battery as well if I need to or any other electric device.

Nick Olzenak
04-06-2012, 03:45 PM
The SWT V800 is a pretty unique Skandic, only made for a couple of years, it is built with with Rotax V800 from the ATV line of Can-Am ATV's also made by BRP. The V800 is the most reliable fourstroke when it comes to cold weather starting. Cold weather starting will always be a little harder on a four stroke by nature over the two stroke. As mentioned about there are some alternatives to cold weather starts, like inline heaters, block heaters, battery chargers, battery warmers etc. All of which we have heard are good for cold weather starts. Unfortunately due to the extremely cold temps in rural Alaska I would not recommend travel in those areas without a back up power source. What may work fine at 30 below, may be completely inoperational at 40 below zero. With no auxiliary pull start capability on four stroke engines, if that is the model you choose you may need to highly consider the EU1000 idea, in fact we have many customers who have done just that. If that is not in your options then it may be best to choose a two stroke model such as a 550 Fan or the 600ETEC. Both of these are good cold weather models with a good track record and will not require block heaters etc.