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View Full Version : Another Newbie saying Hello

04-07-2012, 08:41 AM
Just got here. I have been MD for about 18 months, mostly coin shooting for old silver. Live in NorCal and surrounded by bucket dredge piles and wanted to start my obsession with nuggets with a Whites GMT. Would appreciate any words of wisdom and hope to post my first find VERY soon !!! HH !!! ( my other choice is the TDI SL,,,,, very different I know but can't make up my mind just yet)

Reno Chris
04-07-2012, 10:55 AM

I am just over the hill in Reno. If you are going to be in Oroville, I will be speaking at the Feather River rock hounds club meeting on Monday night about detecting for nuggets.

As far as the dredge piles, just be sure you have legal access to detect there (where ever you do go). Dredge piles tend to be trashy, so the GMT would probably be a good choice. Its like searching for a needle in a haystack, but there are chunks of gold quartz in those piles - just not very many. Probably if you make a find it will be a good one.

04-07-2012, 11:48 AM
there is a story of the "basketball sized" nugget that rolled off the belt befor they could get it stopped,,,,,,,lol

Jim Hemmingway
04-13-2012, 01:38 PM
Grouser....when deciding which detector is best suited for an application you must consider the size of gold known to exist in the area, the magnetic susceptibility strength of iron minerals in the substrate, hotrock prevalance, and the trash levels you might expect to encounter.

A PI unit such as the TDI Pro will handle tough ground and most hotrocks, and can be set-up to ignore most nails while responding to most low conductive gold, but it will be of little value to you if the gold is generally not large enough to respond to it. With VLF units there is no "do-it-all" discrimination that will permit you to get all the gold while eliminating all the trash and hotrocks regardless whether its a GB Pro or other brands, or your GMT. Best to hunt wherever possible in the all-metal motion mode and use the discrimination features of your GMT to best advantage... that means remove overburden and recheck signals... if there is any doubt... then dig the target and see what made that signal.

The great feature about your GMT is that you have two separate and independent iron ID systems that function without decreasing detection depth... a factor that does come into play when using discrimination systems available on many other VLF units... and a factor that becomes more of an issue as ground mineral effect increases.

In short Grouser... most serious nugget hunters prefer to have both a suitable VLF and PI unit available... just depending on the search conditions as described. Before you consider purchasing a TDI model... go to your nearest dealer and have both the TDI Pro and the TDI SL demonstrated to you... preferably over targets buried in the ground. Compare detection depth and sensitivity, ease of ground-balancing, and threshold stability.


04-13-2012, 05:53 PM
Well said and sound advice my friend. I got the GMT and am about 4 hours into training with it,,,, so far I think it will do well for me,,,,, have found many small targets including lead and very fine wire bits,,,, so I think the machine is working,,and most of the time I thought it was a trash target but dug it to check it out,,, just me that needs to take it to a productive area..... I am stupid to where gold is naturally so I find myself always saying I should be over there in that sand bar,,,,, then when I get there I think,,, gold is heavy,,, go to the low spots on the outside of turns,,,,, doing plenty of "prospecting fur-sure,,,,