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View Full Version : Utility of using the F75 BOOST PROCESS in prospecting applications...

Jim Hemmingway
04-15-2012, 08:24 PM
Hi Steve... I have not used the F75 boost process, but have frequently considered upgrading my original F75 model to acquire it.

Do you see the boost process as a significant advantage in the all-metal motion mode for nugget hunting?
Have you experienced any occurrence where the boost process could not be used to full advantage in a prospecting application, for example, over tough ground minerals?

Appreciate any thoughts on the subject Steve with thanks...


Steve Herschbach
08-20-2012, 02:39 PM
Hi Jim,

I guess I missed this post. Sorry about that. I tripped over it looking for another old post.

Bottom line is yes, I have been using the F75 Special Edition almost exclusively in all metal boost mode at 99 sensitivity, both at Ganes Creek for gold nuggets, and in England for coins/relics. So far nothing boost all metal could not handle. Though when cherry picking I have gone to disc mode at Ganes and found boost to noisy for my liking, so ran in default mode with sensitivity about 80.

I am the first to admit though that my use is as much psychological as anything. I am convinced boost gives me, well, a boost! That means I would not be able to run a F75 standard and be happy. I can't swear I am always using the absolute best detector for any given application, but I try fairly hard for that to be near enough the case. I spend too many hours swinging a detector for me to be happy otherwise. Right now I am running no less than nine different detectors with different coil combinations settling on what to use for various jewelry detecting tasks I have at the moment. I will end up buying and selling some equipment for a loss in short order simply to answer some questions for myself. Forums and opinions are great but some stuff I just have to find out for myself, even if it costs a few bucks.

Significant advantage? Worth an upgrade? From some kind of practical perspective I suppose not. Not sure I really needed to upgrade from my GPX 4000 to my GPX 4500 to my GPX 5000. But detecting makes me happy. Was out Saturday and Sunday and think I will do a little detecting tonight. I want to run an AT Pro and an AT Gold with a couple coil options as I am trying to decide which unit to keep and which to part with.

Besides, I like the all black paint job on the F75 SE. Probably the best looking detector I've ever owned!

Jim Hemmingway
08-23-2012, 06:59 PM
Hi Steve…and thanks for helping-out. I appreciate your metal detecting advice regardless of the timing. Your comments give me a petty fair idea of what to expect should I upgrade to the F75 SE. Better yet is that I believe your Ganes Creek experience is very similar to searching silver over here. Possibly we have tougher iron minerals in places, and of course contend with other abundant minerals associated with the silver ores. But generally the mine tailing magnetics are modest except where diabase or other mafics are encountered. Even at that… there are different grades of magnetics encountered here that aren’t much of an issue.

According to a recent report from a mineral club member visiting the area, circumstances have changed again this year. I had mentioned anticipating that possibility to you in a follow-up discussion to the write-up ‘Electronic Prospecting in Silver Country’. So it’s back to exploring / sampling new sites. But I must say that your obvious love for electronic prospecting and other applications or facets of the hobby is really infectious and refreshing. Rather than feel discouraged and grumble to the wife… my favorite inclination… the net effect of your response was to give me a “boost”. I have to occasionally remind myself that we need some fortitude in this hobby to have any chance of success.

The first photo below depicts a crystalline proustite specimen… a valuable ruby silver… produced / recovered at a minesite (not by me) in the South Lorrain, Ontario where I intend to search. Crystalline proustite would certainly be nice, but I’ll be content to find a few mixed specimens.


As I remarked to Bob over on the prospecting sub-forum, my dream piece ranges from twenty to thirty pounds of thick pristine native silver horns and veins accompanied by beautiful deep red proustite crystals… protruding from a creamy white calcite matrix. Yes, while the odds are remote, such a piece is possible. A genuine fascination for electronic prospecting and the pursuit of a dream keeps me interested in this hobby. The explorer Ponce de Leon never came close to finding his fabled ‘fountain of youth’ but I’ve come close several times to finding my dream piece. The specimen photo below is another fine example of proustite. As noted on the other sub-forum…I don’t recollect where this piece was found… possibly Chile…


Thanks again for all your help and support over the years Steve. I appreciate all you contribute and we’re very lucky to have you. Have a wonderful autumn, and so long until December…


Steve Herschbach
08-23-2012, 09:42 PM
"I have to occasionally remind myself that we need some fortitude in this hobby to have any chance of success."

If it were easy it would not be satisfying when and if we have success. Forty years I have been metal detecting now and I have not found a gold coin. I have not tried specifically to do that all that much but it is something I really want to do, and it will be sweet when it finally happens. You have set the bar high, and that is as it should be. Best of luck to you Jim and I hope we hear about you making that long sought after find one of these days.

And thanks for all the stuff I learn from your posts back at you!