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View Full Version : Alright, I'm sold on the GB2...but how does it do with cassiterite

04-15-2012, 11:04 PM
Ok, been reading the geological surveys for my gold claim where I want to work the tailings, etc. They say it has alot of cassiterite which is used to make tin?

So, when you say 'hot rocks' or mineralized rocks, is cassiterite going to be a problem with the GB2?

Also, if I use headphones, do I need side mirrors on my GB2 to see bears that come up behind me? Just kidding, although my area is known for big bears!

Also, another question about coil size...I'll be working alot of tailing piles and then searching out old creek beds up on the side of the hills...working some of the streams, etc, so do I go with the 6.5 or the 10 in coil? Or just get both?

I've been watching some of the video's of the guys working the GB2 and man, it seems like they spend alot of time working an area for LITTLE pieces of gold and are excited, but dang, it is gonna take alot of time to make an ounce that way! Seems like they would find a decent area and sweep it up into a bucket if they were finding small pieces.

I am encouraged after watching the old video's of my area where the old sluice boxes are shown in action, man, they were just running that stuff through there with what looks like NO concern for loosing gold! IN the video I watched the guy comments that the LARGER nuggets were the ones that they were loosing over the riffles, so, that was nice to hear! They had a 15 lb and 8lb nugget found on my mine and a 46 oz found on a nearby mine....

Well, thanks Steve for the input, I got more from your site than any other place!

Steve Herschbach
04-16-2012, 06:29 AM
Cassiterite is unlikely to present any problem. It is not strongly magnetic or conductive, one of the two things that make a hot rock.

I wear headphones in bear country or anywhere else where using them is beneficial. If the location is Dead Quiet then I will sometimes go without.

For normal detecting use the 10" elliptical coil. If focusing on tiny gold use the small coil. The 14" coil is for large nuggets in low mineral ground.

If all I have is small gold I am happy to dig them all day. They add up!