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View Full Version : GB2 use with plastic gold pan and plastic scoops

04-23-2012, 10:53 PM
Well, got my GB2 and have been out practicing on a hill that has nails and .22 shells, trying to get the sucker dialed in. But, have a question about the plastic scoops and plastic pan's (I use the blue ones).

Is there something in these that set off the GB2? I swear, I swiped a piece of ground clean, set both my plastic scoops on it and they set the detector off, especially at the handle areas. My plastic gold pan did to? Do I need to practice more with dialing it in?

I also just got an ounce of gold from a buddy and laid it on a stack of pallets, that had nails in them, but inbetween the nails and swiped the area, it seems that the nails are detected 6 in above or more and the ounce of gold was at best 4 in above?

I'll be back tomorrow at my buddies place when we have more time and will bury the ounce of gold and practice with it. I guess I'll video it and post it to youtube so maybe you guys could help me out.

But, thanks to all the guys at AMDS, I wore them out with questions before I bought and they were great! We still have a couple of weeks before the cat trails to my gold claim are clear, so, lots of time to practice!

Steve Herschbach
04-24-2012, 05:53 AM
You were not detecting the pan or scoop, you were not properly ground balanced and picking up the ground.

A nail will give a better signal than an ounce of small gold in a vial. I recommend giving back the vial as you will not be looking for vials full of small gold. A small piece of lead the size of a small nugget makes a better test target.

Thanks for the business!