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View Full Version : Purchased 1st MD (F75) Need Instruction, Anchorage AK.

Jim Extreme Novice
06-18-2012, 09:58 PM
I purchased my first MD that I should receive in the mail this week. I purchased the Fisher F75 Special Limited Edition (Black), but have never used a MD. I would like to find someone that also lives in the Anchorage area that can share some of their wisdom with me, and also point me in the direction of some decent places to detect.

My weekends are all open and I will be off from work 30 Jun - 8 Jul and wouldn't mind a road trip for a few days of detecting and camping.

Any recommendations?

Thank You!!!


Jim Extreme Novice
07-13-2012, 07:03 PM
Thanks for all the responses and help Anchorage!!!

07-14-2012, 09:46 AM
Hi Jim, Sorry none of the Anchorage folks responded to your posting,... Truth is that summer is short, fast and furious in Alaska and everyone is probably busy hunting gold or trying to catch a fish. Have you read all of the many posts about the F75 and F75 SE? There is a wealth of information on the forum regarding this great detector. Search "Fisher F75" and you will find most of them,.... Be sure and read Jim Hemmingway's post (now on page 4 of the search results) about "Silver Hunting with an F75 Metal Detector" for a lot of good background information. The F75 SE is my favorite detector for Ganes Creek (see www.clark-wiltz.com) because in mild soils the sensitivity can be ramped up to the max and get greater depth than any other current VLF detector,.. that being said, after a total now of three weeks of all day use, I am still learning the subtilities of this detector. It is not the easiest detector for a 'nubie' to learn on out-of-the-box IMHO, and can be particularly confusing if you are trying to learn it in a trashy area or near powerlines, especially if you have the sensitivity set very high. Hunting for gold in all metal mode you should concentrate in 'listening to the sound of the ground minerization' as you swing the coil. Learn to hear the subtle 'zip' sound of a small, deep non-ferris target (like a lead bullet or a small test nugget), then look at the indicator numbers. (ignore the 'random' numbers that flash when you aren't over a target) The rule is: if the F75 doesn't 'lock in' on a number that is 14 or less (iron & hot rocks), then Dig The Target, especially if the numbers are jumping all around with some iron numbers and some good numbers. That 'erratic' response is the F75 trying to tell you that it 'isn't sure' what the target is, and small shallow and big deep gold nuggets will give you some erratic iron readings until you get down closer to them. Hope that helps,... As far as places to go near Anchoage, or anywhere near the road system in Southcentral Alaska,.. that is the problem we all face. Most of the gold down here is pretty fine, more dredge country with only a few 'detectable-sized' small nuggets,... most good spots are claimed, so you have to get permission,.. public access spots have been pretty hammered. To find elephants, you have to go to elephant country. If you have more specific detector or location questions, post them and I'm sure you will get some helpful replies from the group. Good Luck and remember to enjoy the outings! Walter

Jim Extreme Novice
07-21-2012, 01:49 PM
Thanks for all the info. I went out for the first time last weekend to the Ski Lift across from JBER-Richardson. Had fun, only one dig got on my nerves...kept digging and digging at about 10-12 inches down I found an old style ladies hair pin (bobby pin). Good thing I had a magnet. On the way out I walk the edge of the creek and found a small picker. I didn't have my waders and will return when the weather changes.


07-24-2012, 06:33 PM
Which creek are you referring to? Is it Ship Creek or the little one up by the ski resort? The reason I ask is that you have to be real careful up there due to the fine line of state property and JBER-Richardson property. The JBER-Richardson property is strictly off limits and you could get in a lot of trouble as it is Federal land and off limits to mineral withdraw.