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View Full Version : Ganes Week 2 & 3 - What Detectors Found the Big Nuggets?

Steve Herschbach
07-05-2012, 04:21 PM
Six nuggets were found at Ganes Creek in Weeks 2 & 3 that weighed over an ounce:

3.42 oz by Walter with Fisher F75 Special Edition
2.74 oz by Steve B with Minelab X-Terra 70
1.96 oz by Larry with White's MXT
1.87 oz by Marko with White's V3i
1.37 oz by Buzz with Minelab X-Terra 705 or White's MXT - he used both a lot, not sure which one bagged the big nugget
1.33 oz by Gene with Minelab X-Terra 705

I wanted to post this to once again hammer home the fact that there is no one magic unit. When it comes to large nuggets at Ganes Creek I would say it is more luck than anything. You choose the right row when you get off the bus, and bang, you have a big nugget.

The most used model those two weeks was the Minelab X-Terra 70/705 followed by the White's MXT. No other models predominated; I also saw the F75, White's GMT, and Tesoro Lobo. The MXT has fallen out of favor compared to the X-Terra primarily due to the fact that MXTs interfere with each other, which has been a problem in the past. The X-Terra has a frequency offset that allows more units to work close together with less interference.

Anyway, it never can get said enough there are lots of good detectors, but there are few good detector users. Small differences in detector capability are easily offset by operator expertise. Another way to say it, a great operator can make any machine look good. A great detector will not do much to help a poor operator.