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View Full Version : Whats the secret to leak free waders, hate these ankle fit waders?

08-22-2012, 02:09 PM
My hip and chest waders and even rubber boots always seem to get pinhole leaks in after even 2 years of moderate use. The boots leak around the instep area, waders around the knees. I usually get black rubber boots at Walmart or Graingers, knee high. Hip or chest waders are usually Hodgeman from Sports Authority,like 60 bucks.
I dunno who invented ankle fit boots and waders ? I can never get my foot past the ankle area as it is WAYY too tight. I wish they would stop making this design.
Does it pay in the long run to buy the higher priced waders ? I usually hang mine over a pipe in the garage. Is this bad? Is one brand any better than another? I like the canvas waders better,easier to get out of, and no worries about neoprene allergies.


08-22-2012, 07:49 PM
I use neoprene stocking foot waders with wading boots and never have any of the problems you mention except I do wear holes in them. I repair holes in the neoprene with aquaseal. I hang the waders in the shower, fill them with water and use a tire marking crayon to mark any leaks. Then I drain the water, allow the waders to dry and apply aquaseal to the placed that are marked. Now they are good for another season. I do the repairs during the winter. I use knee pads on my waders to help prevent holes in the knees.