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View Full Version : self cleaning grizzly

08-30-2012, 12:54 AM
I designed and installed this at my employers crushing facility. A typical grizzy has a frame around it which will plug up, you will get rocks stuck between the bars. This was my solution. The bars are suspended by one end. Say you want a 4x8ft. grizzly, main shaft that supports the grizzly bars is say 5" dia.(8ft.width) you want say 11/2" grizzly bars 4ft. long. Drill your 11/2" holes in the 5" shaft at what ever spacing you want your rocks. Every other hole you drill will be 5-6 degrees from the last.(one up, one down, one up, ect...) You set this main shaft at a 20-30 degree downhill. Grizzly rods made out of 4140 shouldnt ever bend. Bars are parallel, but changing every other ones angle creates a slightly bigger opening as the rocks slide down them.Thought it was a cool idea & probably isnt as cheap as a bunch of railroad iron, but should be way more efficient.