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View Full Version : Nome selling prices and a couple of questions

09-14-2012, 08:28 PM
Is the leftovers of the summer of 2013 going up for auction yet? Are local buyers picking it up and stockpiling it? Anyone know what a good hot water unit is going for? One of the $5k new ones? How about pontoon dredges? Haven't been seeing a lot in the Nugget. And what does it cost to store a 40' container there over the winter? Does there appear to be a lot of stuff left over?


09-16-2012, 09:40 AM
Nome public storage does not accept 40' containers, so you have to find a private yard. 20' containers storage is about $440/year.

The buying and selling of dredge stuff is a pretty tight market right now, basically the failed miner gives up and needs cash quick to get out of town. These are not the type of deals where they can afford to wait a week to post an ad in the paper.

I have a 20' pontoon boat for sale, 1/4" steel pontoons, quite beefy pontoons, the connecting parts and deck could use some work. It's a basic platform, I'm selling it for the value of the pontoons, $10k.

Most of the good stuff is being bought and stockpiled by locals, or the few successful miners. However, most of the stuff brought up is not of very good quality and/or well suited for Nome.

I've seen a few dredges using those $5k heaters, and a few using propane ones. I think people have had problems with them, but most likely that is simply getting the right stuff that goes into them, a learning curve. Most people use homemade exhaust heat exchangers, that is all I've used, those also have problems and a learning curve, but are much simpler and cheaper, in my opinion.