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View Full Version : Help with Rock ID

Brian in AK
09-19-2012, 07:17 AM
I found this while I was out moose hunting last week, I broke this off of a much larger piece. It sets off my metal detector. I'm thinking it's silver, any other guesses or tests I could do on it?


Steve Herschbach
09-19-2012, 07:45 AM
My guess is arsenopyrite. Very common around here. And metal detectors love it.

09-19-2012, 09:08 AM
I agree with Steve, arsenopyrite.

Brian in AK
09-20-2012, 06:14 AM
Dang, I thought I was on to something. It's still a nice specimen for the collection.
Thanks guys.

09-20-2012, 06:49 AM
Arsenopyrite is known to be a marker for gold mineralization.

What was the location? Is there a massive showing of mineralization? Was this a piece of "float" with no known origin? Was it on or near an existing mine or digging?

This type of find could lead to a major discovery with enough added information.

- Geowizard

Brian in AK
09-20-2012, 08:54 AM
It was found on a creek known for placer gold. This was a piece of "float" but had very sharp edges so I don't think it had traveled far. I have found many veins of bull quartz and a few with mineralization such as this one.