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View Full Version : Termination Dust, Chicken memories, flooding

09-27-2012, 11:08 PM
Another summer prospecting has quickly passed and with increasing termination dust easing down the mountains, it's time to pack up and head south. As with most years, I've learned some valuable lessons.

AMDS is not only a great place for equipment and supplies, but service as well. At the end of last season, my dredge pump quit. Nothing I did could get it running. Dropped it off there the day I left. Later it was picked up by a friend after I was home. Landed here in July, grabbed all the supplies and headed for the bush. In route, I remembered I hadn't tested there work when it was too late to stop or turn around. Much to my pleasure, it started each time and worked all summer. Hats off to the service guys.

Spent two fun and gold filled weeks at Chicken Gold Camp. Mike and Lou were great hosts and provided easy access to good gold. Thanks and how can we not come back next year after having such a good time. Lynn, Jude, Keith, and Bob did everything they could to show us a good time.

September is our time on our claim. Water levels (normally !) drop and I can get into places that are swift and deep except this month. But best laid plans . . . First, my mining buddy Tim had business commitments. I had forgotten how much easier it is when two handle the equipment up and down the hills. Had three good days, and then the clouds opened up. It rained and still continues to rain. Lots of friends got flooded (sorry Marshall) and my heart goes out to them.

Thanks to those that helped us have another great year. As long as I'm able ill be back next year to summer in this most wonderful of places.


09-28-2012, 12:33 PM
Hey Jim! Sorry we didn't have the chance to get together and do a little dredging, but there's another time. My driveway washed out three times in the recent floods, and now it is just barely passable. The backhoe is broke down waiting for a part, so hopefully I can get it fixed before freeze-up, when it will be impossible to dig. The neighbors backhoe is also broke down and not useable. (hmmm...starting to think these machines talk to each other and collaborate to break at the worst possible time) The sun is starting to peek out of the clouds down here in Seward, so many are breathing a sigh of relief. It's too soon to let our guard down, because Oct will soon be here, and that month, historically, is the worst for rain and flooding down this way.
I agree with your comments about AMDS: great guys. Here's wishing you, and all of us, a better season next year!


09-28-2012, 07:37 PM
What kind of Backhoe's do you and your neighbor have and what kind of parts are you waiting on?

09-29-2012, 08:43 AM
Finally got the backhoe running again last night. Was waiting on a special 60-degree angle open-end wrench to arrive in the mail, to take a hydraulic fitting apart. No other wrench would fit in the SEVERELY cramped space where the fitting was. This is on a John Deere 410. My neighbor has a Case backhoe...it also has a bad hydraulic leak...not sure why it isn't fixed yet. This old equipment sure likes to "mark it's territory"...

Hey Jim: I'm told it's snowing in Anchorage this morning...


09-29-2012, 10:08 AM
What year is your 410.

09-30-2012, 09:26 AM
Marshall: got about 2". Probably not much by Ak standards, but would have shut down schools and gov offices for a week at home. Back to 90 degrees tomorrow.