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View Full Version : Alaskan Placer Miners on this Forum

10-01-2012, 02:23 PM
Is there any Alaskan placer miners on this Forum ??? If so , would you tell what kind of wash plant your using and the equipment you use to mine with ... Pictures would be a huge bonus to our readers and fellow miners ... Wes

Steve Herschbach
10-01-2012, 02:38 PM
There are and they already have. One of many threads http://www.akmining.com/forums/showthread.php/2157-Wash-plant-fabrication?

10-01-2012, 02:42 PM
Large production placer miners using a wash plant you feed with a dozer ; check out link below

Gold Mining in the Yukon with the Ross Box Sluice, by RMS-Ross Corporation - YouTube

This is modern placer mining with a sense of the old ways ... Hope you can appreciate this video ... Wes

Steve Herschbach
10-01-2012, 02:48 PM

10-01-2012, 03:31 PM
After reading that report sounds like the grizzly approach wouldn't be as effective in retaining all gold unless of course you were working an area known for larger nuggets values ... How would you suggest classifying pay dirt with significant amounts of nuggets in the pay , Much like Ganes creek ??? ... Wes

Steve Herschbach
10-01-2012, 03:47 PM
The report at http://ygsftp.gov.yk.ca/publications/placer_industry/03bonanza_hunker.pdf does have lots of good examples from actual operating placer mines.

10-01-2012, 05:55 PM
Go back 63 pages a start reading, You may put it togather or you could read everything about gold mining for five years and get the big picture.

10-01-2012, 07:32 PM
Been there Done that ... Take a stab at it HICK ... Would like you to share what you have come up with after doing the research as to how to best process that type of Gold bearing gravels ... Wes ...

10-01-2012, 07:40 PM
Areas like Ganes are a different animal than most placers , classifying with a 1" perforation or screen would result in a large nugget value loss ... Is there an effective nugget catch that can be combined with the use of Trommel ??? ... Wes

10-02-2012, 10:05 AM
Don't forget the obvious... put a metal detector at the tail end and affix the output to a loudspeaker, when a nugget goes by it will sound off. The bigger ones will be obvious laying on the tailings pile just after. And believe me you can pay your son/daughter/niece/nephew $10/$20/hr to sit at the place with their iphone texting and listening to an ipod all summer waiting for a nugget to sound off and fly into the tailings pile. Use a relative or you may find nuggets go missing.

In larger diamond mines they use high speed xrays and complicated pnematic air blasts to pinpoint blast out diamonds from excess material.