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View Full Version : Running out of water

10-09-2012, 06:32 PM
Recently I started dredging in MT, I ran into a little problem and am looking for some advice. I am running a 4" older keen with the standard 2" intake on the pump but am pulling to much water for the flow of the stream . I built small holding dam but would run that dry in about ten min of run time the stream is worth trying to dredge but how should i go about fixing my problem? thanks. StuDigger:cool:

10-10-2012, 04:41 AM
Mr Studigger,
Make sure all rules are abidded by first! Here in ak. daming is a no no, So i would get my dredge tailings(down stream) built up enough to basically run a recycle of the water. The thing that sucks is in a short amount of time the water gets dirty, but i can run my 6" all day in my creek that my 3" dredge will run dry. If you are running it dry then move dredge forward to where your sluice water is on the up stream side of your dam(recycle)

10-11-2012, 09:58 AM

I have two suggestions. Because I live in the desert, I can provide advice on mining with little or NO water. :)

1. Depending on access, you can haul water. I bought a water truck for that purpose. If you bring your own water, you can conserve it by using tanks, filtration, settling and all of the related steps in the recovery of your gold. It becomes a complicated recirculation process.

2. Early on in my mining career, I learned of a process called dry-washing. A dry washer is a box with fabric on the top and a leaf blower or other blower that blows air into the box through a hole in the bottom. The box is set on an incline with a hopper and screen at the feed end. The fabric has riffles across it like a normal sluice box. The material must be dry. I have seen some very large dry-washing plants.

- Geowizard