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View Full Version : New XP DEUS Wireless Metal Detector

Steve Herschbach
10-19-2012, 03:45 PM

We have the new XP DEUS is stock at http://www.akmining.com/mine/xp_deus_wireless_metal_detector.htm

Like the Minelab CTX 3030 this is a top end (expensive) machine for coin, jewelry, and relic hunters but unlike the CTX is is probably a decent nugget machine due to the ability to run at 18 kHz. The DEUS is getting rave reviews for its exceptionally fast response time which means it can pick good targets out of dense trash that other detectors miss.

The unit is even lighter than the pictures look. The control box is only the size of your average cell phone.

Sadly, the unit arrived after the ground froze, so no new toy playtime for Steve!

Reno Chris
10-20-2012, 08:10 AM
Well, when the weather warms and you get a chance to take this detector out for a spin, I'd be interested to hear about it as it has a number of innovative features.