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View Full Version : AkauGold, up & coming Pay to Mine Co,2012 was fantastic

11-06-2012, 02:05 PM
Our first year open was a record for all pay to mine for gold companies. Most everyone left with over 10 ozs. of gold. Joe Fortunato was the big winner, finding a 4.49 oz nugget & several others over 1 oz. He is still on cloud 9. For those that were skeptical, go on our web site & see what you missed last season. We are now adding more chances to get bigger & better nuggets. At a time when Pay to Mine Companies are closing their doors because the price of gold going is through the roof, we are offering you a chance to come to Akaugold to find yours. We have acquired a lease to include Anvil Creek tailings. Anvil Creek is the area that the biggest nuggets, 163 & 183 oz. was found during the 1900's. This area hasn't been worked since then. We will be using heavy equipment to push up the tailings this year for some lucky metal detectors. Check out our web site at www.akaugold.com. Nome is giving up lots of gold these days. Come get yours. Betty@akaugold.com