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View Full Version : In Situ Placer Borehole Drilling with Small Man Portable Diamond Drill and Vibracore

12-10-2012, 09:15 PM
Insitu Placer Borehole Methodolgies have been attempted in Alaska years ago. The concept was to drill a hole and use high pressure water hydraulics to blow out a pay zone and then use suction to pull the slurry and gold out of the hole. The problem was that the suction would always get plugged.
I have diamond drilled for over 17 years and every time we change a bit or set casing some material would fall down the hole. I have recently recieved review status on a development patent and now am developing this technology.
I had the opportunity to use a sonic man portable drill head, called the vibracore. This works well for organic overburden (non boulders) as it uses vibration. Check out links:

So this has the same effect as a concrete viberator in concrete, what happens when you do that too long, everything turns to liquid and all heavy material falls to the bottem.
I have a deeprock water well that I converted to a diamond drill. I put a new small car tranny on and now have three gears and reverse.
So I core down 5 ' in overburden, pull my core sample out via wireline and pan the sample. If there is no visible gold I continue drilling another 5' If I hit gold collors I then start my process. I set the core tube so water does not come out of the bit, now it comes out micro holes that I have in the first rod. These holes are pointed upward 88 degrees. And then I use high water pressure to create a jet boring effect, (800-1200 PSI). The rods are not advancing but all the high water pressure is hydro jetting in a horizontal direction. Imagine an area that is washed out that looks like a hopper (reverse cone). While I am doing this I also have my sonic head on top of the drill string. What does this do? Remember, high frequency vibration (2500 RMP) and then the process now is:
1) Hydro jetting (breaking down permafrost clays, clays, gold concrete, cobble, etc.)
2) Vibration agitates the hole, allows the gold to viberate to the bottem of the hole, even if the gold is 5-15' away from the rods, remember, it looks like a slurry down there. Cobble and boulders stay put, but resonates the vibration as the water works, and helps all heavies fall to the bottom.
3) Drill another five feet and do the whole process. Anything that was washed, viberated and seperated will find its way to the bottem of the hole. Using Gravity, and the next sample I pull, all the heavies will be on top of my next sample.

I am looking for partners to help me develop this technology, I have some claims in the Yukon and all the equipment fits in the back of my truck. And the good thing about this, is that we can do this in the winter as well, when others are weather restricted.

In the winter we melt snow, two 50 Gal barrels in a fire pit, we use average 55 Gal for a 30-50' hole, it is not volume it is pressure remember. When you use a car pressure washer, you actually do not use that much water. This means we are under most water license and drilling permit thresholds. And another thing, we do not have to remove over burden to placer mine. If we get a new claim we drill 200' grid patterns until we hit something, then if we get one colour we deliniate pay zones. The deepest I have gone is 77'

If your interested please let me know. I have attached links of the vibracore in actions, drilling and samples (clay).....