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View Full Version : 2013 Year of the new Detector?

Steve Herschbach
01-05-2013, 07:31 AM
Happy New Year!

I have a feeling we will see a few new models in 2013. More than a feeling really, it is common knowledge that units are in development.

I have to admit that for regular dry land detecting there is not much that could get me excited. I would like to see something new for the one area I am shopping for, a good saltwater capable waterproof detector. The one place I have never had a detector really work the way I want is in the water in Hawaii. The salt water, basalt cobbles, and electrical interference all combine to make for tough detecting conditions.

The one thing I will buy before summer is a new waterproof PI detector. White's is working on a waterproof TDI and rumor has it Garrett is perhaps working on a new Infinium. I hope so as I may have to bite the bullet and get something by June.

Things I think about. The Fisher Gold Bug 2 is an old analog design. Sooner or later a critical part needed to make it will no longer be available, and it will stop being made. The question is will Fisher come up with a digital replacement that is just as sensitive, or just let it go and be happy with the Gold Bug Pro? I am sure White's would like that as it would leave the GMT as the hottest thing you can buy new.

Fisher also has the CZ units which are in the same analog boat. Convert to digital, or let them go?

I wonder if White's will ever make a compact GMT? The thing is selling very well so I guess why bother, but I would like a more compact version. I am not holding my breath though.

I wonder when we will see the next Minelab GPX model? They used to come out about every two years, and it has now been over three. Granted, except for the discrimination I do not see how it can detect any better, and it is selling very well. Again, why bother? Stuffing a GPX in a CTX housing would knock my socks off, but again, I am not holding my breath. A little secret though is that I sold my GPX 5000 last summer. I figured I had no use for it after my Ganes Creek trip last June. And I thought maybe a new model would come out before I would need it again. Now I am wondering if I need to buy a new GPX 5000 this summer. All I can say is I am going to put it off as long as possible but I may have to do just that.

Seriously though, except for a waterproof PI I am pretty set detector-wise. Once I replace my GPX and get a submersible PI I am just going to focus on detecting instead of detectors. But 2013 is sure to see some things that tempt me so I am looking forward to this new year.

Jim Hemmingway
01-05-2013, 05:04 PM
Many hobbyists are looking forward to new releases this year. As you know the relic hunters are clamoring for an American product that exceeds current home-produced models for working in iron-infested sites. European models seem to be on the leading edge in that respect for now. Others seem more interested in what they anticipate will be Fisher’s latest multi-frequency release. And of course a waterproofed TDI is on many minds.

I’m hoping for an Infinium update, preferably something deeper and more sensitive… a lighter package would sure be nice. That unit is important to me for hunting natural silver over here. It would be an improvement if they would incorporate single tones, an option to choose manual ground balance, place a “reverse discrimination” button right on the handle, and of course... an optional standard stem.

But I’m not waiting on anything Steve… there just isn’t time left on the clock to put things off. For now I’m content to go forward with my current line-up for the silver hunting. But things change and so do equipment requirements... there is detectable gold not that far away towards the eastern border country…


Steve Herschbach
01-05-2013, 06:03 PM
Hi Jim,

If White's does not come through I will be getting another Infinium. Garrett has already made the new Infinium, the Recon-Pro AML-1000, and I have to admit to being annoyed that they have not released a "civilian" version of it.

Jim Hemmingway
01-05-2013, 08:39 PM
Yes but if I recollect Steve that version is quite bulky and heavy. With any luck the civilian version ought to be a bit more streamlined in those respects. I wish Garrett would be a bit more interactive on these forums.


mxt sniper
01-07-2013, 11:46 AM
Steve, I got friends that are serious pocket miners in nevada also wondering about the gold bug 2, why no digital version, a professional version for gold miners. The gold bug pro is nice for entry level pricing, general use, etc. but just not near the machine to chase gold stringers in quartz with, it dosn't work for that, they have tried it. Maybe Fisher will listen eventually.