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View Full Version : BRP Helium 30 Jacket and Highpant review

03-21-2013, 10:25 PM
I've been using the Helium jackets for four years now - and each new edition keeps getting better, the fit, zippers, closures and even the styling. This is the only jacket I wear now - in any condition, from -40 to 40 degs F. This jacket just works no matter how wet or cold it gets.

Nick Olzenak, AMDS's VP GM put it this way, "I used to buy gear for how it looked, now I buy it for how it performs." Just so happens the Helium gear looks good too.

This year I also tried the Helium 30 Highpants, now I had previously said I didn't like bibs or highpants - I preferred cargo pants. Well now after wearing the Helium 30 Highpants I've decided I like them better then the pants. I used to get a cold belly from the cold updraft that would come under the jacket - problem solved! The highpants are so much more comfortable too, no bulk around the waist with underwear, long johns, pants, belt, shirts - and no saggy pants either. ;)

These pictures are from an AMDS group ride at Lost Lake, raining in the parking lot, snowing up on the mountain - warm wet snow. We rode all day, multiple stucks, powder up to our waist. We stayed dry and most importantly - warm in our Helium 30 gear. The Sympatex Material does not absorb or hold moisture, so it keeps it's light weight feel all day. The detachable hood came in very handy for keeping our heads dry while we unloaded, checked our avy gear and did our pre-ride planning.

Riding the Yetna River in January at -40 degs on a summit with no wind protection can be pretty cold if you don't have good wind proof gear, at 70 MPH the wind chill can freeze exposed skin in a matter of seconds. I can wear just a base layer and the Helium 30 shell and stay warm.

Tyson ANd Tyler on the Yetna River practicing for the Iron Dog, they wore the Helium 30 gear to a second place finish this year.

04-02-2013, 07:40 PM
No matter how deep into the snow I get or how long I ride, my Helium gear keeps me dry and warm.