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View Full Version : Garmin 740S NEW From Garmin at AMDS

Nick Olzenak
07-26-2010, 03:13 PM
I had the pleasure of both installing and using Garmins' new 740S this past weekend in Prince William Sound.

First of all I had given myself 3 hours to do the install. I have installed the Garmin GPS MAPS before (specifically the 5212 on our larger boat) and had spent many hours doing the job right.

The boat: 2008 Jetcraft Discovery 2025. Walk through windshield with a full canvas top.

There was already a transducer installed (Garmin through hull) and the boat has a power bussbar under the helm. Once I picked a location on the dash I drilled the four holes to mount the base for the unit to. Then ran the wire through the dash to the buss and connected the harness from the 740S directly to the existing through hull transducer. Wired the positive and negative leads the the buss, snapped on the two trim pieces to the face of the unit, screwed it into the base with the side knobs, turned the battery switch back on and pushed power. Within moments it was up and running and already had pinpointed my location. Now if you were paying attention youll notice I never mounted, installed, and connected an external GPS antenna to the unit. Thats right, the internal antenna was/is powerful enough to lock on to the satelites through the windshield and the canvas top.

We used the boat all weekend, had along the external GPS antenna just in case. I will be returning the external antenna :)

Due the the fact that there was only the power to connect, existing transducer to connect, and four screws to mount the unit I was done in less than one hour and I am no technician. Not once did we lose signal with the internal antenna and in fact it reacts faster than my larger Garmin 5212 and has the added fishermans charts built in...

What a COOL new unit that is also radar capable... Thats next :)