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View Full Version : what jon boat to buy 1448 or 1648

09-16-2010, 02:05 PM
Hello I have been given a 1993 yamaha 40 horse 28 pump two stroke weighs about 190 lbs I want to put it on a jon boat for the smaller rivers here in british columbia I want to haul 2 adults and fuel and gear.The 1448 lowe has a 25 horse limit and the 1648 has a 35 limit.I dont want to be underpowered in the 1648 but will the 1448 handle that motor.what kind of performance should i expect.thank you

Nick Olzenak
09-16-2010, 05:59 PM
The difference in the two boats your looking at is only in length and overall boat weight. This is important as since the 1648 is not any wider the planing surface is still very close to the 1448. As far as the USCG would be concerned the boat would be underated for the 40/28 engine and may issue a citation. A dealer could not install the engine on the 1448 however can not prevent you from buying a boat and powering it to your liking. We have sold many 16 foot jon boats with 50/35 jet outboards over the years and they perform very well. I would anticipate that the added weight (15lbs) would not be very noticable in upgrading to the 1648 over the 1448. Make sure to check with laws in your area concerning the HP ratings before making any final decisions.

Good luck!