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View Full Version : First Ride Commander!

Nick Olzenak
10-19-2010, 05:54 PM
24 degrees Sunday morning in Eureka was certainly not the most typical ATV weather.... But this wasnt just another day of ATV riding, this was our first day out on the all new Can-Am Commander from BRP!


Once you feel the seats suck you in, push the ignition and feel the 1000cc VTWIN roar to life goose bumps pop up every where and the anticipation of whats to come falls over you like the final seconds of that winning bowl game.

The 85 hp Rotax thrilled all day long, reaching speeds well over 60 mph accross some beautiful terrain, the Caribou couldnt even keep up. Uphills were a breeze with plenty of power to spare, downhill breaking better than any perfectly clutched snowmobile I have ever ridden. River crossings breaking through 4 inches of ice while pushing 3 feet of bone chilling water... No problems....

Back in the parking lot after a cold 30 mile ride... the fuel guage only read one bar below full!

More photos to come, and another weekend of winter riding to tell about. If you have the oppurtunity to take the wheel on one of these, do NOT hesitate but do buckle up, its one heck of a ride!