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View Full Version : Ski-doo x-team riders capture gold at winter x games

Steve Herschbach
02-10-2010, 02:43 PM
Valcourt, Quebec, February 3, 2010 – Ski-Doo X-team freestyler Heath Frisby has been chasing gold at the Winter X-Games freestyle events for three years and 2010 proved to be his time. Saturday he grabbed the gold medal in Best Trick with the perfect execution of a back flip and Indian air combination that was off the hook! Mike Schultz added to the collection with his first X-Games gold in Adaptive Sno-Cross on Sunday, capping off a dominating weekend for the Ski-Doo brand.

Frisby, along with teammate Joe Parsons, has been one of the top athletes on the freestyle circuit for many years now, but had yet to collect the top prize at ESPN”s Winter X-games. The teammates have been pushing the progression of the sport by introducing new, more difficult tricks each year, and this time the pay off was sweet for Frisby who said “I’ve been dreaming about this gold medal since I was a kid, I’ll savor this moment for a long time – and would really like to thank all my friends and sponsors that helped me get here”. Joe Parsons collected his second medal of the games with a bronze in the long distance jumping event named Snowmobile Knock Out.

Schultz put in an awesome ride to finish half a lap in front of his competition, and while the others were all running heavily modified Open class machines, he did it on a stock sled! Mike has truly forged himself an Ironman status as he also took a silver medal during the Summer X-Games for Adaptive Motocross.

Frisby and Schultz’s wins, and Parson’s bronze combined with Justin Hoyer and Parson’s Gold and Silver medals at the Friday night Freestyle event, makes Ski-Doo snowmobiles the leading choice for freestyle and sno-cross athletes this year again – as it was last year also. The combination of lightweight, centered mass and tough durability found on the REV-X platform is unbeatable for even these extreme professionals.

For complete race results visit the Ski-Doo X-Team home page at ski-doo.com (http://www.ski-doo.com/en-US/XTeam/Home/)