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Thread: Summer Prospecting Plans - What are Yours!

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    I have 5 target locations identified. Three are placer, one lode and one as yet anomalous target identified by DGGS during a survey for radioactive minerals. All of them are in the Chugach Range and only one has a trail close to it.

    One placer is a gravel terrace deposit. One placer is in glacial outwash, but has been identified as having potential by DGGS and the third was a failed gold rush site. The failed site has had several local folks attempt to make money on it over the years, but they used off-the-shelf equipment which is pretty poor for recovery of the gold hereabouts.

    The lode is more of an area type survey effort in the general vicinity of a couple of worked out pocket mines and several hard-rock prospects. I just have to check the tailings piles and gain the experience. Sort of a bucket list deal.

    The anomoly is just a short ways out of my way and little is known other than it has some potential identified by DGGS for a gold lode deposit. Again, the gold hereabouts is that flattened fly-poop size stuff and it may be that is what there is and little of it.

    But I'm retired now and the time has come to enjoy what I like most. In this case, it means my only limitations are based upon how much I can carry on my back. So far looks like 3-4 days worth of consumables unless I ferry more in. I am considering an assortment of homemade high-calorie cookies as my main food source to save weight. Over half the sites are above treeline, so ready to eat might be a good choice.

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    The wife and I will be working at the goldfeverprospecting camp on the South Fork of the Fortymile River, and dredging in my spare time. Leaving early May to help set up camp.

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