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Recreational Mining Sites

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This page lists sites where you can search for gold in Alaska. Most of these sites have easy access and many have no fees... you keep what you find. Please follow the rules noted for the free sites, and do not venture outside the listed areas, as you will most likely end up on someone's mining claim. Responsible use of these areas will help insure that we can all enjoy them for years to come. $ = Fee Area

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bullet Cache Creek Cabins $ - Mine on Cache Creek in the Petersville area north of Anchorage.
bulletChugach National Forest - Detailed guide to mining sites on the Kenai Peninsula, including Bertha Creek, Sixmile Creek, Resurrection Creek, and Crescent Creek. Maps, panning instructions, and more.
bulletCrow Creek Mine $ - Alaska's most popular recreational mining site.
bulletCaribou Creek Mining Area - Minor gold producing creek on the Glenn Highway.
bullet Chicken Gold Camp $ - Gold panning, recreational mining and a real bucketline dredge at Chicken, Alaska!
bullet Dalton Highway - Recreational mining along the Dalton Highway (Brooks Range).
bullet Deadwood Creek - GPAA claims at Deadwood Creek near Central (for members only).
bullet Faith Creek Camp $ - Pan and sluice for gold near Fairbanks.
bullet Gold Fever Prospecting $ - A chance to run a big dredge on the Fortymile River!
bullet Ganes Creek Gold $ - Metal detect for gold nuggets near McGrath.
bulletHatcher Pass Mining Area - In the heart of hardrock mining country.
bullet Hope Mining Company $ - Mining adventures at Resurrection Creek.
bullet Paradise Valley $ - Metal detect for gold nuggets in Alaska's Brooks Range.
bulletPetersville Mining Area - Public mining area on historic mining creek.
bullet Nome, Alaska - Information at Nome Convention and Visitor Bureau site.
bullet Nome, Alaska $ - The GPAA Nome operation at Cripple River.
bullet Nome Creek - Mining area north of Fairbanks.
bulletHeading for the Canadian Yukon (British Columbia)? See this Official Panning Guide.

Still not enough? Try this book for listings of locations around Alaska...

The Gold Miners Guide To<br>Easy Pickens In Alaska

The Gold Miners Guide To
Easy Pickens In Alaska
by Rich Lampright
AMDS Best Seller!
A compilation of information contained in the Anchorage, Talkeetna, EastCentral, Fairbanks and NorthEast books but limited to only those areas designated as "closed to mineral entry". "Closed to mineral entry" means that mineral claims are not allowed so you don't have to worry about accidentally working on someone's claim. Information on 155 gold bearing streams including average yields per cubic yard, fineness of gold, location of samples taken and best access. All creeks listed are on the road system. Includes USGS maps for each area. 8" x 11" 148 pages.

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You say you do not want to go to these areas? You want to head out on your own? You need to know All About Mining Claims in Alaska!

Steve's dredge 1998 Herschbach Enterprises
Steve's dredge at Crow Creek Mine

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